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Jim Hart





"...pure, sweet & raw..."

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"...a lifetime of intuation paried with a little Brooklyn moxie..."


"...self-honesty, dark irony and blazing satire."

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"I was deeply moved, to tears at times."

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"The pain is as honest as you will get in literature."



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"...a powerful rendering of the golden era of the noir private eye story..."


"He talks the talk. He walks the walk. And, damn, can he write."


"Mr. Hart’s descriptions of Brooklyn are as perfect as I can remember them."


Jim Hart was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York where he still resides. He began his working career as a drummer in rock and blues bands before becoming a member of the New York City Department of Sanitation where he held such positions as Deputy Director of Public Affairs and Director of Correspondence for the Sanitation Police and Enforcement Division


Jim has published five poetry collections: “Ramblings Of A One-Eyed Garbage Man,”(2013) “A Handful Of Smoke,”(2018) “Just Another Friday Night In Brooklyn,”(2021) “Loving Sue,”(2022) and  “Missing Sue.”(2022) Three of which were in the top fifty for poetry on


His poems have been published in over 70 journals and reviews throughout the world. His work has appeared in the United States, Ireland, England, Austria, France, India, Scotland, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, South Africa and on the Web. One of his poems was made into a poster by Phantom Billstickers and appeared in Myanmar and Thailand. Jim has been the featured poet at Barnes & Noble, The New York City Poetry Festival, The Brooklyn Public Library, The Inspired Word Poetry Series, The Inaugural Poet At The Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum, The Green Pavilion, Park Plaza, BookMark Bards and Boulevard Bards and read in Dublin, Ireland. He has also co-written two songs for The Peter Stevens Band album, “Change My World.”


Jim has also published three novels in “The Harry Parker Mystery Series,” and was the recipient of “The Poison Cup Award” from the “Crime Masters Of America,” and a finalist for the Golden Book Award.


 In addition Jim is a member of the Private Eye Writers of America and ASCAP, all of his books can be found on


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